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Additional Useful Tips

1. If the chute has been stored flat for a long time, a quick re-fold of the flaps on each side can make starting up easier.


2. Fast Set up – starting with chute closed flat and arms together : Grab by arms  and hold out in front with Arm 1 in your left hand and Arm-2 in your right.  Swing open to create the wide flat bottom and continue around.  Engage Tab 1 first then Tab 2.  Pressing the Lock Flap back flush into it’s opening prevents the arms from coming apart when outside the bag or if using a large plastic bag.

3. Grass clippings/yard waste: Empty lawn mower bag onto chute mouth.  As grass piles up push it towards the inside.  Grass can be very heavy so the more you can push from the mouth into the bag the better.  Lift slowly and with both hands on the chute handle to prevent tearing. 

For branches, load with bag/chute lying on ground.  Keep the bag at an angle when moving and avoid standing until it’s full to get maximum packing.  

4. Working alone – keep a second bag (empty or lightly filled) nearby for residual mop-up or to transfer and pour into nearly full standing bag.  Working with a second chute can make this even easier.     

Cleaning:  Prevent dirt and debris from drying on the print side of the chute.  Rinse if needed after use.  A smooth surface helps leaves slide easily into the bag.   

Do not store chute where it will be exposed to direct sunlight.  

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